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Canal Locks – no problem

How to avoid problems in the locks from The Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean


“Finally a handbook with detailed and simple introduction to “lock-sailing”

-Danish Ocean Cruising Association


Sailing on the rivers and canals in Europe is pretty simple. You are totally independent of the weather and you never have to wait a gale before you can continue. It is a fast and easy way to the Mediterranean from northern Europe. The only obstacle is the locks.

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Avoid damages on the boat and your self confidence
Canal Locks – No Problem is not a guide-book to the European waterways. But with Canal Locks – No Problem you will learn how to handle the locks in a safe and secure way. Without damaging your boat in the sometimes strong powers which can occur in a lock.


Don’t do the same as the Dutch motor boat above in the front part of the lock. The sound of a boat that scrapes against the lock wall – not to mention against the other boats in the lock – is not nice. Neither is it much fun to suddenly loose the mooring lines while the lock operates.


Different types of locks
There are different kinds of locks, and they all need to be handled differently. Especially the way the boat has to be moored. Canal Locks – No Problem not only describes how to handle the different types of locks. There are also tips to:

  • Call a lock on VHF
  • Mooring lines
  • Fenders and fender boards
  • Automatic locks
  • Being in a lock with other boats and barges
  • Single-handed sailing


Sailing with children
When sailing with children on board, there is always the possibility that both mum and dad can be “stuck” at each end of the boat with a mooring line. An entire chapter in the book explains how to easily manage locks single-handed. Then the other parent can read a book or bake a cake with the children (the book does not have any baking recipes – you have to find them in cooking books!)


It can seem overwhelming and stressful. But with the right techniques, it is both easy and fun. Reading Canal Locks – No Problem will give you the needed techniques and self confidence to make the locks a fun part of the canal voyage.



Canal Locks – No Problem
Published as downloadable e-book (PDF)
45 pages
Lots of illustrations and photos
Price: € 6

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All in all, a simple, user-friendly and fine structured important handbook”

-Danish Ocean Cruising Association


Canal Locks – No Problem is also in print in a Danish version as Slusehåndbogen.